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What Does Church Mean

Over the years, the word "church" has come to mean many things. Does it mean the spires and bell-towers of wood and stone that dot the skylines of our cities? Does it mean the organised religious institutions, named after men and their own ideas?

Or does it mean simply the body of believers?

The Greek word used in the New Testament for church, ekklesia, means quite simply an "assembly" or "meeting". At Eastern Shore, we strive to restore original Biblical applications to Biblical institutions.

With this understanding, we are simply a congregation of believers that meets on the Eastern Shore of the River Derwent in Hobart, Tasmania. We bear no name of any man, group or identity, than Christ Himself. We trust no authority among men, religion or institution than Christ and his witnesses, as recorded in the New Testament


Our Church is therefore not made up of the bricks of our building, but our people; their lives, stories, weaknesses and strengths.

We are called by Christ's example and teaching, to love each other as better than ourselves, to do good unto all, to share in each others' moments of joy, and be a shoulder in times of sorrow.

We strive in every relationship, in every interaction to reflect the same love that God has shown to us, and the same grace that Christ has given to us; and we invite anyone and everyone with an open heart to come, and to join us.


We meet regularly three times a week to join together in Singing, Study, Prayer and Fellowship. On Sunday mornings, our service includes the Communion and Collection for the saints, while on Sunday evenings and Thursday nights, we engage in an in-depth study of the Bible, its stories, its characters, and its lessons for our lives.

We also hold and participate in a number of annual events around the year, such as the Lectureship, Camp Warana and Springsing.

We also like to take any excuse to share in food, fun & fellowship on any occasion, so get in contact to find out more!


At Eastern Shore, we are active in our support of a number of good works and workers, both locally and internationally. See below to find out more.

Daniel Smith Devonport, Tasmania (More Info)
Greg Shea Launceston, Tasmania (More Info)
Chris Banda Chipata, Zambia (More Info)
Felipe Giron Panganisan, Philippines (More Info)


If you are interested in finding out more about the church, we have a number of materials available that may help in your own search for truth in religion. We are also able to offer personal study, in either group or private contexts, on any matter pertaining to the church. Get in touch to organise your study today.